Aurangabad is a major city in Maharashtra, which is known for its architectural marvels. From Buddhist shrines to brilliantly constructed forts, the city has a lot in store for the travellers. While staying at 7 Apple Hotel, one can take out a day or two to explore these attractions.

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Museum (1.5 Km)

Flocked by tourists and students of history throughout the day, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Museum is a stark reminiscent of India’s encounter with colonialism. Showcasing collections related to Lord Shivaji, this is a convenient stop along the way to the Ajanta caves.

Sunheri Mahal (3.5 Km)

Sunheri Mahal derives its name from the gold paintings that were hung in the palace. This palace is an eminent historical site in Aurangabad. It was built by a Bandalkand leader who traveled along Aurangzeb to Southern India. The monument is made up of lime and stone and was positioned on towering pillars. However, the high pillars have tumbled owned with time. The palace-cum-museum is located on the premises of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University.

DR. Babasaheb History Museum (3.7 Km)

The Department of History & Ancient Indian Culture, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, Aurangabad possesses its own History Museum. It has unique valuable collection ranging from Paleolithic to Early Historic and from Early Medieval to Mughal and Colonial periods. The museum was initiated in 1973 by Dr. R.S. Gupte.

Bibi-KA-Maqbara (5 Km)

An enchanting mausoleum of Rabia-ul-Daurani, the wife of the Mughal Emperor Aurangazeb, this is one of the prominent tourist places in Aurangabad. Priding it to be the solitary example of Mughal architecture in this part of the city, Bibi-Ka-Maqbara is defined by four lofty minarets. Her grave is enclosed by an octagonal lattice-screen of white marble.

Prozone Mall (6 Km)

The first horizontally designed shopping mall of the country, this mall is the perfect place to go on a shopping spree! Boasting of over 1 million square feet of retail space, this is one of the largest malls in India. Everything – from accessories to clothes, footwear, electronics, places for recreation and dining – is available here.

Aurangabad Caves (7.7 Km )

Dating back to the sixth and seventh century, these 10 soft rock caves are bifurcated into the Western Group Caves and Eastern Group Caves. Touristy and scenic, these Buddhist caves sit atop the hills and offer a welcoming escape from the city’s monotony.

Devagiri Daulatabad Fort (19 Km)

Situated in the village of Daulat, this quaint fort has a rustic charm to it, which allures visitors from all over the country. Constructed by Billamraja, who ruled Daulatabad during 1187 A.D, this massive fort, is quite unique since nobody could ever conquer it because of the strong structure.

Chand Minar (19.5 Km)

The Chand Minar or the Tower of the Moon is a medieval tower in Daulatabad, India. The tower is located in the state of Maharashtra near the Daulatabad- Deogiri fort complex. It was erected in 1445 C.E by King Ala-ud-din Bahmani to commemorate his capture of the fort.

Ellora Caves (30 Km)

A conglomeration of 34 caves, Ellora represents the confluence of 3 diverse faiths - Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism – and the spirit of secularism in ancient India. Constructed between 600 A.D. and 1000 A.D., these rock caves are spaced over 2 kilometers.

Ajanta Caves (99 Km)

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, these caves are famous worldwide for their unique mural paintings. Known for their exemplary craftsmanship, these paintings offer a rich insight into the life of Buddha. Illustrations on Buddhist deities can be found here too.

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