Things to Do in North Goa | Nature Trails, Amphitheater, Backwater & Sunset Sail near me

Things To Do

At Amoravida, we have crafted experiences for everyone. Our activities encourage you to dive into the moment and truly experience living through a combination of In - Property and Out – Property activities.

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Explore an unseen Goa through the lush backwaters of Dhargalim that is beaming with life. Take in the sweet sounds of the birds while relaxing your eyes and mind as our boat sailsthrough the waters showcasing a rich and delicate ecosystem of the surrounding area. Sit back, and let the wind speak to you while the boat takes you through the local culture nestled withinthese waters.

A 40 min experience that will embark you on a journey to the renowned Chapora River and back to the hotel showing you some of the unexplored highlights of Goa. Berest assured that your safety is our top priority with added precautionary measures in place, ensuring an expedition you will never forget.

Duration : 30 to 40 Minutes
Time : Evening/ Sunset (05:00 pm to 07:00 pm)
Cost Per Person: INR 800


Native Birds of immense beauty sweep the surrounding wilderness of Dhargalim, nesting on the branches of the trees or taking a drink off the banks of the stream. Large flocks of birds areseen flying just above you as you sail through the waters. A unique backwater safari that will leave you mesmerized and rejuvenated. A sense of tranquility and melancholy all packed intoone trip for all age groups. The local guide will ensure that you do not miss a single beat imparting his knowledge to you during your bird watching experience.

Duration : 30 to 40 Minutes
Time : Early Morning (05:00 am to 09:00am) & Evening (04:00pm to 06.30pm)
Cost Per Person: INR 800
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Mixology Classes in Goa


Get your hands behind the bar as you attempt to mix the best premium spirits with fresh, fruity ingredients as you master the tricks of the trade. Practice with your own dedicated bartender, watching over you as you learn and discover through our expert cocktail making secrets. A masterclass through the dazzling world of mixology spanning over an hour duration, featuring games, party props and personalized Mocktails and Cocktails.

Duration : 60mins
Time : Evening (06:00 pm to 07:00 pm)
Cost Per Person: INR 800


Stroll through the property, taking in the winding paths shrouded in the relaxing calmness and sobriety of nature. Take a walk on the wild side and gather knowledge of the local flora andfauna along the way. The natural beauty at our property is one of the most sought-after experiences among nature lovers. Explore the tranquil trails that are akin to paradise.

Nature Trails In Goa
Musical Events in Goa Amphitheater


A versatile line-up of events where the stage is set for your amusement. The amphitheater is our premier destination that looks to make you laugh, dance, sing and partake in a myriad of diverse shows, enjoyed by all age groups.

Place yourself within a crowd that comes to celebrate the best local talent in stand up shows, bands and plays.

Duration : Evening (2hrs)
Time : Subject to Program organised. Please ask the reception for these details.